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Speaking & Secondment

Where you have a project requiring intensive legal services over a specific period of time, such as when a film is financed, or a Startup receives an injection of capital, or you may need to effect necessary documentation and legal systems and processes such as setting up Privacy and Intellectual Property compliance programs, it may be more economical to engage Lea-Shannon Legal on a secondment basis working several days or half days.

You may wish to engage Lea-Shannon Legal to provide specific seminars to relevant industry organisation members, employees or students.

Raena’s clear & compelling advice and drafting has been invaluable particularly on co-composer contracts and composing commission agreements. She has a profound knowledge of the music industry and all aspects of copyright from which I have benefited professionally for over 12 years. I have invited her to speak a number of times to the Composers Seminar at the Australian Institute of Music where I lecture and the students have always really enjoyed her talks.

Drew Crawford