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Entrepreneurial disruption to established industries through innovation is energising the way we do everything. The imperative is to seize new opportunities and there are risks and rewards; things you can control and things you can’t.

Lea-Shannon Legal provides the right services to maximise opportunity.

With innovation occurring in technology the implications in film, music, literature, art and performance are significant. Virtual and Augmeneted Reality, Games Design, Smartphones and the Internet of Things are converging in everything from new games and film and text platforms to building constructions and maintenance.

Spanning three decades in film, media and Intellectual Property law, Lea-Shannon Legal offers clients the benefit of understanding the analogue foundations that the digital revolution has disrupted.

Raena was awesome – very open and understands how to be cost effective for startups. Highly recommend!

Marc Cowper
CEO Recomazing®
Non Executive Director at Fishburners